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17th September 2007

freothuwebbe4:14pm: I just finished Song of the Sparrow. I mean, it's on the computer desk right now, I JUST finished it.
AND... I loved it! I'm a giant fan of all of the fringe Arthurian stories, esp. Lady of Shallot and Tristan and Isolde. 
I ADORE your Tristan, Ms. Sandell! 
From the first time he was described "all mystery / and mischief and glee," I adored him. 
Thank you for giving Tristan and Elaine a happy ending <3
Current Mood: enthralled

29th October 2006

filterjones5:52pm: So excited....
Just went to your fancy new website...the cover of Song of the Sparrow looks AWESOME! Can't wait to read it...i'm so excited!

lisaannsandell5:34pm: Welcome!
I've started this livejournal community to make it easier for us to chat about books and other stuff. Hope you'll join and leave a note!

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